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About Luck CBD

About Us

We are a small, certified women-owned business and we are passionate about CBD and its possibilities for skin, hair, and overall health. I have been using CBD for years and I view it as plant magic because of the many benefits it provides. I believe we have only begun to understand the power this plant has for healing.

While I have seen a lot of CBD topical products formulated to ease aches and pains, I couldn’t find a good CBD infused haircare line that met my standards. My team and I had a hunch CBD would be good for scalps because scalps are like our skin – only thicker. We also wondered how CBD would work for hair follicles and hair itself. So, this amazing team got to work to create a product that gave us benefits without negative side effects. It took a lot of trial and error, but I believe we did it.

I can say that after using LUCKCBD haircare products for a while, I love what these products have done for my hair and skin. I’ve seen more volume and lift, my hair feels cleaner longer, and it’s bouncier because my natural curl is back. I honestly think my hair looks young again and that makes me happy.

At LUCKCBD we use only CBD isolate sustainably farmed and sourced from the USA. We prefer isolate because it is processed to follow government regulation – meaning there is virtually no THC in our products. We manufacture our haircare products in Nashville, TN and our all-over oils were made in Tampa, FL.

While I believe that we’ve created the best products thanks to our amazing team, I’d love to hear what you think about these products – are they magic for your hair? I’d love to hear from you.

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Our Mission

To harness the magic, and good mojo, of CBD by providing high-quality, beauty products that make a difference for hair and skin. Our products are formulated to help elicit your natural beauty by using carefully sourced ingredients that are known to be effective and gentle.

We believe good mojo is like having a bag full of lucky charms. When you have good mojo, you feel happier, more amazing, and more able to pay it forward.

Thanks for supporting our mission,


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Revitalizing Shampoo 8oz Rosemary Lavender
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Revitalizing Shampoo 8oz Peppermint
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Volumizing Conditioner 8oz Peppermint
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Restorative Mask
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Nourish & Shine Daily Serum
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