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About Product

This small batch, all-over oil is made with soothing, sensuous organic oils that are known for their skin-friendly fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Each one of these oils is easily absorbed into skin, but together they pack a powerhouse without leaving an oily or slick residue. Slather the All-Over Oil everywhere on skin and see how hydrated and soothed skin looks and feels.

We’ve kept this blend simple by carefully choosing only 4 ingredients: MCT, Argan, Jojoba oils and 250mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate. That’s all. No fillers, no unnecessary ingredients and no scent.
LUCKCBD uses CBD Isolate that is sustainably sourced from the USA and is tested to ensure it contains virtually no THC and is within legal limits (>.03 THC). The bottom line LUCKCBD lets you experience the many benefits of CBD without the psychoactive side effects.

The Spicy Scented All-Over Oil is a delightful blend of essential oils consisting of fennel, patchouli, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang.

LUCKCBD All-Over Oil is a delightful treat for skin, face, feet, hands and nails. Use it to smooth out intense rough, dry patches like elbows and heels or feet, or use it after shaving to soothe skin and get that gorgeous sheen that shaving removes. This oil can also be a helpful way to get relief from too much sun or to help you with anti-aging goals.

 LUCKCBD All-Over Body Oil is:

  • Is non-greasy, highly absorbable
  • Is free of mineral oil, glycerin, or parabens 
  • Uses CBD Isolate, Sustainably Sourced and Farmed in the USA with virtually no THC (>.03)
  • Is never, and we mean NEVER, tested on animals
  • Is made in Nashville, TN

How To Use It
Apply to All-Over to skin, feet, hands, elbows, nails, and face as needed.

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