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Revitalizing Shampoo 8oz Rosemary Lavender

Revitalizing Shampoo 8oz Rosemary Lavender
About Product

This CBD Isolate infused shampoo has good-for-hair ingredients, essential oils, and gentle lathering ingredients, but does not contain those annoying ingredients that can be harmful to hair.  We have formulated a Healthy Hair Complex in our haircare products which is a combination of non-THC CBD Isolate, Organic Pea Sprout Extract, Amino Acids, and other ingredients chosen for their ability to help you reach your healthy, beautiful hair goals.

CBD has been shown to have many benefits for skin.  Your scalp has the same structure as skin, only its thicker.  CBD can help calm and improve skin because it contains fatty acids and antioxidants, it can help reduce the formation of sebum (oil) and redness and itching.  Goodbye itchy scalp.

LUCKCBD uses CBD Isolate that is sustainably sourced from the USA and is tested to ensure our product contains virtually no THC and is within legal limits (>.03 THC).  The bottom line LUCKCBD lets you get the many benefits of CBD without the psychoactive side effects.  In our opinion, it’s important that CBD follow legal compliance for THC levels so that this amazing plant magic can provide benefits to many.  CBD is truly good mojo. 

It is the harsh ingredients in shampoo that causes hair to feel like straw.  Hair should feel clean and healthy, not straw-like or overly slick from ingredient residues.  We use baby-product gentle sudsing agents that are derived from coconuts, for a big, rich lather that rinses clean, but doesn’t strip hair. These effective lathering agents gives you that clean finish that helps your naturally beautiful hair shine through. 

We use Rosemary Lavender essential oils for a lush aromatherapy experience.  The scent fills your senses with invigorating rosemary and relaxing lavender.  We think it’s a perfect combination that leaves you feeling balanced. Who doesn’t need that?

 LUCKCBD Revitalizing shampoo is:

  • Is safe for color-treated hair 
  • Is safe for aging hair
  • Contains no sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, or waxes
  • Uses CBD Isolate, Sustainably Sourced and Farmed in the USA with virtually no THC (>.03)
  • Is never, and we mean NEVER, tested on animals
  • Is made in Nashville, TN
How to Use It:

Apply about a quarter-sized amount onto very wet hair.  The wetter the hair, the more lather you get.  Massage the shampoo onto hair and scalp.  Take a few seconds to enjoy the aromatherapy and think of something you are grateful for because it helps foster happiness.  Then rinse completely.  

LUCKCBD revitalizing shampoo is a concentrated formula, so try using less than you would other shampoos.  We have found that because this shampoo deep cleans hair, some people are washing less often, and this is good for your hair.

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