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Nourish & Shine Daily Serum

Nourish & Shine Daily Serum
About Product

This serum is meant to be applied to the scalp daily after regular shampooing and conditioning. We have included our LUCKCBD Healthy Hair complex which consists of non-THC CBD Isolate, Pea Sprout Extract, three different types of proteins, and other quality ingredients so that the serum adds shine, as well as delivers real functional benefits to hair.

We have included the Organic Pea Sprout Extract (AnaGain™) at a clinically proven level to help promote hair regrowth1. In a clinical study AnaGain™ was shown to help foster hair regrowth and help mitigate hair loss after 8 weeks of consistent use. This organic ingredient, combined with the CBD Isolate, three types of hydrolyzed proteins and other hair-happy ingredients makes this serum a true powerhouse.

The Peppermint and Lavender Essential oil blend has a light scent that leaves a slight tingling sensation on the scalp.
LUCKCBD uses CBD Isolate that is sustainably sourced from the USA and is tested to ensure it contains virtually no THC and is within legal limits (>.03 THC). The bottom line LUCKCBD lets you experience the many benefits of CBD without the psychoactive side effects.

LUCKCBD Nourish & Shine Daily Serum is:

  • Is safe for color-treated hair 
  • Is safe for aging hair  
  • Contains no sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, or waxes 
  • Uses CBD Isolate, Sustainably Sourced and Farmed in the USA with virtually no THC (>.03)
  • Is never, and we mean NEVER, tested on animals
  • Is made in Nashville, TN

Source: 1. 2019 Mibelle Biochemistry Group Study. Anti-Hair Loss Effect of AnaGainNu™.

How To Use It
Use the Nourish & Shine Daily Serum daily for 8 weeks to achieve your best hair growth result.

After washing and conditioning hair, place a dime sized amount of serum into the palm of you hand. Then rub into the hair and scalp and leave it there. Style hair as usual then smile at the how soft, yet clean, your hair feels and looks.

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